About us


Hi, my name is Mopar and welcome to Caravanz & Classics, New Zealand’s go-to website for all caravan and classic car enthusiasts.

The Caravan & Classic Car scene in NZ is gaining in momentum with more and more people renovating or restoring caravanz.

The quality and craftsmanship in the NZ caravan industry is and always has been 2nd to none!  

This is well proven with the amount of 50’s, 60’s, 70’s and 80’s caravanz still being towed around or still being used for holidays in numerous campgrounds around our beautiful country.

The Classic Car & Hot Rod Scene, which is huge in NZ is also seeing the advantages of towing their accomodation around to various events with their ” it’s okay dear, it’s gonna be worth a lot of money one day” collectables.

These colour co-ordinated caravan combos are creating a massive amount of interest at each and every event they attend.

People are now searching out old caravanz from farms and back yards, which have for years and sometimes decades been used for sleep outs, tool sheds and storage sheds in the hope of renovating, restoring or customising them.

These people have many questions with 2 words in common. Who? And where?

The answer to all these questions and may more is Caravanz & Classics.



Who can tow my caravan out

Who can repair my chassis?

Who can make an awning for my caravan?

Who can paint my caravan to match my Classic Car?



Where can I get new window rubbers from?

Where do I get new name decals for my caravan?

Where can I get a tow bar and bike rack fitted for my Classic Car & Caravan?

Where can I get some Vintage Collectables to deck out my caravan?


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Cheers Mopar