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  • 25/01/2021 9:52 pm local time


Autopaint is a major PPG paint supplier for Auckland.  PPG is the premium brand of automotive paint products in New Zealand.

PPG has appointed Autopaint as a "Platinum Distributor", their top level of trade and retail distribution. We employ skilled staff who have practical experience of car refinishing, and they are there to give you practical advice on surface preparation, spray painting and the use of PPG products.

We stock a wide variety of automotive coatings; ask our shop staff for the best product for your application. PPG offers world-leading products, including the environmentally-friendly Envirobase coating.  We are also experts at colour matching either to formula or by visual match to a customer supplied sample.

We can pack your colour into a Colorpak aerosol to make it even easier. The Colorpak range of aerosol paints features custom tinted colour, primers, undercoats and standard colours including popular roofing shades.

Autopaint also stock a wide variety of ancilliary products for paint application including abrasives, solvents and tools.

Autopaint can now also supply house paints. We have recently been appointed the West Auckland distributer for paint +. A professional quality paint at an economic price.  These products are manufactured in Auckland using the latest technology and are the preferred choice for many commercial painters.

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